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Renumbering Activity ID in Primavera P6


Renumbering Activity ID in Primavera P6


By default activity ID in Primavera has a format like A1000, A1010 and so on.

How about we can make the ID more meaningful.

For example we can change the “A” letter to show the WBS which they belong to.

First you will select all activities you need to renumber.

Go to Edit -> Renumber Activity IDs

Select “Auto-number”. And enter Prefix like “FDN” for Foundation.

Click OK. Now you can see the IDs have been changed.

You can do similarly for other activities then we’ll have a meaningful activity ID.



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How to Trim Activity ID or Activity Name in Primavera P6

How to Trim Activity ID or Activity Name in Primavera P6


When we think about Trim data, we usually export and do it in excel. However Primavera P6 also give us a tool to trim data by itself.

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Importance Of Schedule Delay Analysis On Construction Projects – A Contractor’S Perspective


Construction industry is flooded with the Fast Track Projects these days and there is always a pressure on the contractor to bid the lowest, resulting in low profit margins. To achieve the dismal profit margins, it requires massive all-round efforts to develop a schedule and control it efficiently.

Delays may occur any time on a project, even with all sincere efforts to control a project and complete on time. Delay means loss of profit and/ or risk of facing hefty liquidated damages. In absence of proper analysis and documentation, the contractor may lose grounds for delay claim, though the delay is due to the sole responsibility of the other parties involved.

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Can not import Layout

Can not import Layout

Your colleague send you Primavera XER file and Layout file. After you import project successfully, you click on Layout -> Open -> Import -> Select the layout. And this error appear:


You may think “Wow, this layout file must be damaged. I need to tell him to send me again”.

Wait! It’s not because of the Layout file. It’s because of you’re in the wrong window. After import project maybe you’re still in Project window.

You have to switch to Activities window. Then you can import layout successfully.

So, to import Activities layout, you need to go to Activities window.

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Microsoft Project : Custom View (New view) appear in all Project


Microsoft Project : Custom View (New view) appear in all Project

When you need to customize a View and save it for later use, sometimes we only need that View for a certain Project.

However by default Microsoft Project always save New View to Global template, and it will appear in all project. This can cause problem because day by day the list of View will increase and become a mess.


In order to tell Microsoft Project not to save it to Global template, but only save in this project, we will simply turn off an option.

Go to File -> Option -> Advanced -> Display section. Uncheck “Automatically add new views, tables, filters, and groups to the global” option.


Now the new view you create only save in that project.



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Criteria required for Risk schedule

We are often asked about what are criteria for building Risk schedule. In other

words, what factors needs to be taken into consideration while building a risk

schedule on which risk analysis will be performed.

Here is the plan check list which you may find it helpful -

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