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Automatically update progress in Primavera: The difference between Apply Actuals and Update Progress


In Primavera, when you need to make a quick update of project (Let’s say everything goes as it’s planned) we have 2 ways of automatically update progress:

  • Apply Actuals

Update Progress



Here I will only explain what is the difference between these 2 options.

The Apply Actuals function will update any activities with the “Auto Compute Actuals” checkbox marked…


…whereas the Update Progress (Progress Spotlight) feature will update activities which fall within the spotlighted region regardless the status of “Auto Compute Actuals” checkbox.


And this is the rule when Primavera automatically apply the Actual (in both option):

  • Apply an Actual Start to all Activities that have a Planned Start < Data Date. The Actual Start is set to the Planned Start.
  • Level of Efforts and WBS Summary activites get there dates from other activities.
  • Planned Finish is not changed.
  • Calculates Remaining Duration as the Early Finish-New Data Date.
  • Calculates Actual Duration as Original Duration-Remaining Duration.
  • Calculates Actual Units as Activity % Complete * At Complete Units..
  • If Planned Finish is < Data Date, then an Actual Finish will be applied. The Actual Finish is set to the Planned Finish.
  • Actuals are subtracted from Budgeted values to calculate Remaining values.
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Capital Cost Optimization On Gas Fired Power Projects Through Standardization


Across the globe, research is being done to reduce the capital cost of power projects to ultimately reduce the cost of unit power supplied to end consumer. This paper attempts to identify one of the ways of capital cost reduction i.e., by designing and executing multiple power projects simultaneously using standardization technique. Standardization is the extensive use of processes or procedures, products or components, in which there is regularity, or repetition and a record of successful practice. Using this concept, one can maximize the benefits of design standardization and bulk procurement.

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Graphing a P6 Resource S-Curve in Excel

Graphing a P6 Resource S-Curve in Excel





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How to Download Primavera P6 Professional


How to Download Primavera P6 Professional


Go to the following website:



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Convert Microsoft Project MPP to MPX to import to Primavera

Convert Microsoft Project MPP to MPX to import to Primavera



Nowadays, Microsoft Project save file as MPP format. However Primavera allow to import file as MPX format.

So, here is the tool help you to convert MPP to MPX.

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Planning & Scheduling techniques

Let us first understand the terms i.e., planning & scheduling:
Planning is control of time on a project by:
•    Project Plans which optimise expenditure of time, recognise cost implications and reflect the contractual obligations for the design, procurement, construction and commissioning of plant facilities. 
•    Regular updates of all project activities and their inter relationships. 
•    Early indication of deviations from the approved project programme so that action can be taken to minimise their effect.
It is to be noted that key elements of plans are Scope of work and Method of execution including WBS.

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