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Caroline Allcock

13 February 2018

PCI's "Primavera P6 - Fundamentals" trainer showed good knowledge and was keen to share. I will be attending the "Advanced Course" and look forward to attend "Cost Training" as well!
Gavin Lee, Specialist Consultant-EVMS, Darbus Ltd

13 February 2018

I have attended PCI's "Managing Projects in Primavera P6- Fundamentals" classroom training in Manchester. Overall I found the course was very well delivered and was packed full of all info I needed, without too much overload. I found our trainer to be a very good teacher!
Agamali Gurbanov

19 January 2018

General Director, Poti Terminal Holding, Azerbaijan

I have more than 12 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, ranging from an assistant project coordinator to a project director. I was looking for “Project Controls” training to build my competency. I have completed “Integrated Project Controls” online training at PCI. Competency based training made the programme excellent and fit for my purpose. Online videos were engaging, self-explanatory and I could complete online course at self -pace. Real life exercises, case studies and assignments provided me insights on how project control is applied across the complete project life cycle. I fully recommend this course for beginners and mid-level project controls professionals.
I am delighted with admin support received by PCI. I am very happy for my decision to take “Integrated Project Controls” training at PCI and will continue with their other courses. Thanks PCI!
Leonardo Menezes

04 April 2017

Leonardo Menezes, Senior Planning Engineer, PROGEN, Brazil, Brazil

I have completed "Earned Value Management Course" of PCI. EVM course was excellent, very enlightening, easy to understand, fulfilling its purpose of disseminating Earned Value practices and methodologies and preparing for the certification exams.
Overall, the course exceeded my expectations and allowed me to expand my skills and knowledge necessary to perform my daily activities at work. The course videos are very well explained and the assessments helped me to assimilate the course content efficiently.
I feel more prepared to take on new challenges and responsibilities and I fully recommend this course to all project controls professionals. Lastly, I´d like to congratulate the PCI team for the excellent, high quality product and thanks for the opportunity to have participated in the course.”
Atsushi Goto

09 November 2016

Atsushi Goto, GM Tendering, Maida Corporation, Japan, Japan

I am very confident that PCI would benefit not just PPP (Project, Program and Portfolio) Management professionals but as well as the overall industry.
Rohitesh CH

08 November 2016

Rohitesh CH, Project Planning and Interface Engineer, Balfour Beatty Plc, Singapore), Singapore

The Earned Value Course elaborates theory and demonstrate real life scenarios, making it "real education".
Kate Branagh

05 November 2016

Kate Branagh, - GM Operations Center, Morrison Utility Services, UK, United Kingdom

PCI has customized "System Training" for our flagship project and rolled it in very short span of time. I am overwhelmed with the quality of the videos. The videos are very engaging, interactive and self explanatory. We could maintain consistency of training for more than 200 resources. I could never imagine such an effective online training. Great Job.!

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