Certified Scheduling Technician (CST)

Launched Q1-2020

Validity : 6 Months

About Course

Dedicated training in a structured manner allows candidates to demonstrate proficiency in the general skills and knowledge of the scheduling process within the AACE International Total Cost Management (TCM) framework. Generally, CST represents early-career professionals who are working to gain th


Key Features

  • 5 hrs & 20 mins of high quality videos
  • 16 video lessons
  • Knowledge Check Questions
  • Real Life Examples & case studies
  • Assessment Test


Course contents
Scheduling Overview
Scheduling Principles
Elements of a Basic Schedule
Final Assessment


4 years of industry related experience, or 4 years industry related degree

Adherence to AACE's Canons of Ethics


Course Information
Launch Q1-2020
Price $ 125
Validity 6 Months
Certificate Available Pass All Lessons

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