About us


Australian Open Learning Pty Ltd, operating under the name Project Control Institute, Australia officially became a registered private training organisation in March 2022. Ms. Merina Shakya, the CEO of Project Controls Institute in Australia, is a seasoned and dedicated Project Manager with over eight years of experience in the Information Technology and Services field. College currently operates in the niche areas of Project controls and Information technology.

It's important to note that Project Controls Institute, Australia exclusively offers the Diploma of Project Controls to domestic students. This diploma program introduces a well-organised and uniform methodology for practicing project controls, filling a current void in the industry. The curriculum is designed to bolster the analytical skills and decision-making prowess of professionals in this field. By emphasising the use of data analysis to substantiate decision-making and enhancing data visualisation capabilities, the diploma signifies a progressive step forward in facilitating career advancement and acknowledgment for project controls practitioners.

Project Controls Institute, Australia places a strong emphasis on recognising the value and advantages of integrating industry expertise with vocational education in its pursuit of providing the most outstanding and relevant educational programs to learners. The trainers and assessors engaged or contracted by Project Controls Institute, Australia possess substantial industry experience, alongside the necessary vocational qualifications. This combination equips them to create a professional and comprehensive learning environment for program participants. The staff members are proficient in tailoring their teaching methods to suit all learners, employing clear and straightforward language when appropriate to effectively convey information. Project Controls Institute, Australia is committed to strict adherence to the Standards for Registered Training Organisations, ensuring the continued delivery of training services of the highest calibre to its clients.

At Project Controls Institute, Australia, the management team actively welcomes input and advice from all stakeholders. This collaborative approach ensures that the institution consistently upholds its core philosophy of continuous quality improvement across all aspects of its operations.


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