How soon should I expect a response?

All tickets raised by customers are addressed within 48 business hours. For real-time responses, you can chat with us on our 24/7 Live Chat option.

How can I reach the Customer Service Team for my issues?

Our Customer Service Team can be reached 24/7 via Live Chat or phone. You can find these facilities in the sticky bar at the bottom of your screen.

Why should I choose PCI over other training organizations?

  1. PCI is World’s first and most unique Project Controls learning platform and each course of PCI course is mapped to multiple global certifications
  2. PCI is accredited and supported by major professional bodies across the globe such as AACEi, Engineering Council UK, APM, Engineers Australia, ECITB, PMI and ACostE.
  3. PCI is "One stop solution" for all project controls trainings
  4. PCI courses are crafted by industry experts who helped Governmental and Professional bodies to draft their national standards and certifications
  5. PCI E-learning videos are creative, engaging, interactive and self-explanatory
  6. Each course of PCI has knowledge check questions and assessment to check the depth of understanding
  7. PCI equip you for operations and excellence in the real world and prepare for the likely challenges you'll face once back at your desk
  8. PCI offers learning through E-learning video, live webinars and one-to-one tutoring
  9. PCI provides access to a wealth of free knowledge via library, forums, and PCI Handbook
  10. LinkedIn account of each student is endorsed by PCI as a distinction of course completion

Please explain how can I get multiple accreditations or certifications with PCI?

  1. PCI is approved education provider of AACEi, approved REP of PMI, approved training provider for APM and ECITB. PCI courses are supported by ACostE and Engineers Australia.
  2. PCI helps to prepare for ECITB diploma. PCI works with its parent organization “Projcon” to assess the candidates to award ECITB qualifications.
  3. PCI helps to prepare for APM courses. PCI’s parent organization “Projcon” is self-invigilator to award APM qualifications.
  4. PCI facilitate Eng Tech (Engineering Technician), IEng (Incorporated Engineer), and CEng (Chartered Engineer) accreditation offered by the Engineering Council UK via ACostE route.
  5. PCI helps to prepare for AACEi and PMI exams, however, participants need to apply and appear for exams.

Do you offer discount?

Please contact us to know more about discounts and offers.